Gothic Blues: B - Sides (Remastered)

2013 Sanitarium Studio. All rights reserved

~Song List~

01. Gothic Blues (remastered) 02. Hunter of the Mystic (remastered) 03. Things aint always (the way they seem) (remastered) 04. Lost in the Mist (remastered) 05. Requiem(remastered) 06. The Fallen( the Judgement) (remastered) 07. The Fallen (The Fall) (remastered) 08. Take One (remastered) 09. Take Two(remastered) 10. Room of Doom (remastered) 11. Demon Legion (remastered) 12. Wandering Spirit (remastered) 13. Return of the Hunter (remastered) 14. Devils' Diamonds (remastered) 15. Nyx (remastered)

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