Here's why I'm really excited about sending people to CD Baby to download the cds as MP3 files... (1) When you buy an entire album, you get it as as one zip download, which includes the MP3s, a JPG of the album art! (2) They're regular MP3 files that play easy on ANY MP3 player you use, whether iPod, cellphone, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. (3) The MP3s are encoded at top-audiophile-quality (~200k VBR),higher than iTunes or any other major store. ~~~And Best Of All~~~ Once you buy the song or the whole cd... its yours to keep forever, no additional fees, no memberships... just yours... FOREVER.

Gothic Blues: Gothic Blues
Gothic Blues: Requiem
Gothic Blues: Nyx
Gothic Blues: Best Of... Gothic Blues (Remastered)
Gothic Blues: B - Sides (Remastered)
Gothic Blues: Project 4

Where you can get a copy of the Art Book IMAGERY ; THE ART OF D.W. SMITH. Digital downloads are also available there for GOTHIC BLUES ALBUMS as well as at other major digital download sites.

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