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GOTHIC BLUES: Music / Lyrics

Things Ain't Always (the Way They Seem)

(Gothic Blues)
September 29, 2003
D Smith
Inspired by the thought that you can't take everything at face value and you should always expect the unexpected.
Just because the sun is shining
That doesn't mean it wont rain
And just because something happened
That doesn't mean someone is to blame
An just because you know them
That doesn't mean that they are sane.

Its the kinda thing that makes you wanna scream
'Cuz things aint always, always the way they seem.

You can know alot and find
There's so much more to know
And the surface may be calm
But beware what's below
And among your friends
Thats where you'll find your greatest foe.


You can win all the battles
Yet still lose the war
An you can run aground
Far from the safety of the shore
And things can never be
Like they were before.