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GOTHIC BLUES: Music / Lyrics

Take One

(Gothic Blues)
February 25, 2005
D Smith, Spooky
This was created and recorded with the idea of getting Spooky's ( Bree's ) beautifully sexy voice on tape, as well as having some fun in the studio. We succeeded with flying colors.
(Tape is rolling, take one, in three, two...)
(Ah Bree, tape is rolling.)

Hey look, this button has my name on it, what does it do?
Ohhh, I like that one.
Let's try this one.
Oh, that's a different one for ya.
Oh baby, you still like havin' me in the studio with you?
Let's try this one.
I'll try this one now.
Oh not that one, it's too muddy.
Maybe just one more.
Now that's my baby.
( Ah, Bree let's not touch that.)
What does this button do?

Awww man

Did I do that? I didn't do that. Did I?