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GOTHIC BLUES: Music / Lyrics


(Gothic Blues)
March 17, 2009
D. Smith, Spooky
I had the song finished as a basic rhythm guitar (the way almost all our song start out), Spooky heard it and said "It sounds like an embrace." As soon as she said that, my mind filled with lyrics. Later thinking the song was competed I had Spooky listen to it, to my surprise she asked me to redo part of it, taking my voice out of the second half of the song and recording hers into it. The result ... awesome.
An Embrace, That's what our love is.
Let the storms blow, Let the sun not shine.
Let 'em try to storm our castle, we remain safe inside.
Our Love is, An Embrace.

Embrace, That's what our Love is.
Nothing much matters now, Just you and I.
With you here by my side, I remain, satisfied.
Embrace, That's what our Love is