I first discovered Gothic Blues on an old thing called My Space, and have been following them ever since. Pure Dark Mad Genius.....and it's also perfect for hard heavy sweaty warrior training
.... Wishbone Ash, Black Sabbath, Mike Oldfield, early Genesis..shades of all were in there but the striking thing was that the music very much reminded me of my Baroque and Renaissance music which is so calming to the spirit...despite the fact that the two sounds are entirely different genres! I like music that leaves me room to think.
GOTHIC BLUES...check em out on myspace I tell ya, i like this band...a deep dark blues goth sound makes me wanna drink some wine and smoke a blunt and enter into their other world...just myspace/gothicblues...couple of real tasty tunes are total war and temptress....wrap your sphincter around those then buy a cd or two...they do have a third one soon to be finished...don't be shy and give em a hollar... Mr.WRETCHED(WRS)
ok its not new to ME...and i did have it on my old profile at one time......its from Spooky's wonderfully wicked group Gothic Blues.....this song is one of the most hypnotic,tanquil,and seductive songs i have ever heard.....it jus puts the mind in a euphoric state.......goodnight allllllll well get some headphones cause this song is the best!!
Hey I love You!! I remember when I listened to your music like in 2004, you was my inspiration .. i hope you are fine... are you playing? are you gonna come to mexico? saludos
~(The reason Gothic Blues was removed from the playlist and our link taken down)~ Here's the scoop. People were emailing us the feeling your website gave them of darkness. Since we are a spiritual network it was somewhat difficult for our audience to adjust to. I very much enjoyed your music... just the overtones/undertones of the music/website give people the impression we may not be who we say we are (for you know the music you play does have a "dark" flavor to it......... as well as the names to the songs).
do u feel it to? sleeplessly drifts into the room seating herself down in front of the screen......the dark room around her like a blanket....the only light from the screen as she listens to Temptress by Gothic Blues....swaying her back and forth.....sleepy eyes blinking trying to focuse on her screen.....wrapping her arms around herself and closing her eyes......darkness again......bringing her legs up to her chest and laying her head down on her knees....looking into the dark room.....looking for something to show her the way back........the music soaks deep inside her soul.....filling the emptyness that was once there........and when the song is over.....it will leave her empty space vacant once more............darkness....quiet....alone......listen to it she whispers...close your eyes and listen....Shhhhhhhhhhh......do u feel it to? Currently listening : Gothic Blues By Gothic Blues Release date: By 07 October, 2003
Typically the follow up cd is lacking compared to the first release, this one is as good if not better. A great buy regardless. Lots of feel and mood.
When is Lo-Fi a good thing? When it's done with style and thought, when it echoes back to the vinyl of the late 60's, 70's and early 80's. This cd is what made the classic albums so great. Sound and Feel.
Dennis, I heard Total War today and man the riffs were awesome. I really enjoyed it. Sam Funchess @rule radio.com
Great sounds, the artist has vision and a lot of talent. Songs are expressions of feelings. Also, the music shows the talents and visions artist. This is a Great CD!
A Man that will NOT compromise his Vision! The CD is a compiled work of a man with a true vision. All instuments and vocals are done by himself. The CD is truely worth lisening to. All songs are orginals and have a varied range from metal to a seductive nature. The songs within take you on a journey that is well worth the time listening to.

Hello there I found you on CD baby I really enjoy your stuff especially Veil of Tears and Gothic Blues!

Love the darkness of the Gothic Blues CDs and I'm glad there's very creative musicians out there that are really going against the mainstream sound.

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