Dark Melodic Medieval Blues

A mixture of Blues and the Macabre with a Metal Edge.

GOTHIC BLUES is dark and soothing and at times very powerful, but always very melodic.

A Beautiful Darkness


The Sun sets, vainly fighting to the last illuminating ray of light to dominate the landscape. However, the age old battle ends the same way as always... The Night takes over and sweet darkness covers the land. Once again the creatures of the night emerge from their lairs and roam the land during these precious hours given to them by the victorious night. And as every night that has come before... each soul that lives for and thrives in the shadows and the darkness, prays in it's own way that perhaps, some time in the future... the dawn will never come. Between the light from the failing sun and the setting of the moon, this is when you must expect the unexpected. A time when anything is possible...somethings are just more likely. This is ...GOTHIC BLUES.




***NEWS FLASH - GOTHIC BLUES JUDGED TOO 'DARK' FOR BBS RADIO*** It had to happen sooner or later ... On March 8th 2006 I received an email telling me why Gothic Blues had been removed from the playlist and our link taken down at BBS Radio ... Gothic Blues is too dark for airplay on that internet radio station ... Not only is our music,but also the titles of our songs and this web-site itself was judged too "dark". Check the Review page if you'd like to read the email yourself. Considering the program schedule and the topics there, I would thought Gothic Blues would have been a natural for that station. If Gothic Blues is too dark for an internet radio station that deals in mysticism, ghosts, channeling, psychics, aliens and the afterlife ... well then, I guess its clear that the mainstream is way out of the question ... I can accept that, just as easily as I accept and confirm that we are "dark" and proud of it !

Music is available for use in Movies, Television and Games.

Member of ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers)

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